New fuels EFECTA

The new generation fuels EFECTA 95 and EFECTA Diesel has exceptional cleaning properties unique to the Czech market, enabling to remove engine deposits while extending engine life.


Among the selection of fuels on offer at BENZINA Plus filling stations you will find a collection of premium additive fuels under the brand name "VERVA". This collection is made up of: High-octane petrol VERVA 100, with high utility values, fulfilling even the most stringent customer demands for a modern and fast ride in petrol motor vehicles. Premium additive motor diesel VERVA Diesel, with a modern formulation of additives to ensure maximum performance and reliable operation of diesel vehicles.


​We enhance our contribution to the emission reduction by equipping its filling stations with urea-refueling devices known as AdBlue. AdBlue can be pumped from separate fuel dispensers or from the canisters that are placed at the shop of the filling stations.


​​At all Benzina filling stations you will always be able to refuel with high quality fuel. At standard Benzina pumps you can try out any of the unleaded octane level 95 Normal or Special fuel the most commonly required 95 Natural, and premium high-octane VERVA 100. Due to the large interest of motorists in diesel engines, we do not forget, of course, diesel fuel for compression-ignited engines. Besides additivated Diesel TOP Q, the diesel fuel group includes premium VERVA Diesel.
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We now offer top class Platinum oils at our Petrol Stations. Platinum engine oil is the flagship brand of ORLEN Oil and has the approval of the most reputable vehicle manufacturers. It is a wide range of oils that drive passenger cars and trucks, motorcycles, ships, boats, construction machines, agricultural and specialized industrial equipment. ORLEN Oil from the ORLEN Capital Group is a producer and distributor of top class oils and lubricants for the automotive industry as well as the industry.


In 2012 we renovated 66 filling stations, extending our range of services to include quick refreshments at our STOP CAFE. Currently, you can visit STOP CAFE at 104 filling stations Benzina. Drivers can stop and grab a hot dog or fresh coffee and be on their way.

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Benzina can now offer you a fresh aromatic espresso, a selection of sandwiches and a wide assortment of bread products from our own bakeries. We make our baguettes every day to make sure they are fresh. The majority of our fresh sandwiches do not contain mayonnaise..


Benzina shops in Plus petrol stations offer: a wide range of food, daily newspapers, MOGUL and CASTROL engine oils, specialized car cosmetics, basic mandatory car equipment and fresh coffee. The shops also include a separate counter with fresh snacks and refreshments, prepared every day directly in the petrol station.


At most Benzina filling stations motorists have the option of giving back an original shine and immaculate appearance to their cars thanks to modern car-washing installations. The type of wash differs according to the size and importance of the filling station. In 2006 and 2007 Benzina launched 36 new car washes and a further 18 will be exchanged this year. Thanks to this rate of modernisation, more than half of the Benzina automatic car washes will be less than two years old.
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The BENZINA EXPRES concept (Expres 24 before) of unmanned petrol stations was implemented by BENZINA for customers who only want to refuel and save the time spent waiting in a queue. At Benzina Expres drivers refuel by themselves and pay through a cash machine with their credit card or in cash. Because the station’s costs are lower fuel prices are lower.


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